October Homeschooling Highlights

  1. My son, Nereus, has already perfected his favorite piano piece, Arabesque. I am so proud!
  2. Nereus also went surfing with instructor the second time. The first time was last year, summer time.
Gugu with his surfing instructor.

3. Socialization with fellow homeschooling children.

A birthday was celebrated among friends. 🙂

4. Ian learned how to bake cupcakes with other children.

5. Both Ian and Nereus took their second quarter exams.

6. Ian has started using Microsoft Word and have been practicing how to type on the PC’s keyboard as part of his Computer lessons.


7. For art project, we decided to create several snowflake tree decors using glitter glue, popsicle sticks, color pens, and buttons from our arts and crafts stash.


8. They continued with their lessons following the syllabus and course outlines prescribed by our homeschool provider.

9. We also got to attend Kasanggayahan Festival of Sorsogon Province for a week. We got to see local produce get sold at bazaars by the Sorsogon Bay, celebrate the fiesta with family, and spend the holidays with them.

10. We also got to spend family time by the beach where we slept on hammocks, ate local foods, went surfing and swim at Lola Sayong Surf Camp. It’s so nice that the resort also has educational materials about how single use plastics can harm marine organism and ways we can do to stop plastic pollution. There was an art gallery on the second floor of the restaurant inside displaying paintings on surf boards and other medium plus leaves cut depicting life on the beach. The kids also got to play Philippine games such as “syatong” and “kadang”.

11. Since Ian’s science subject includes getting to know local farm animals and plants, showed him around his grandparents’ farm and garden.

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