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Pinto Art Museum – Antipolo’s Hidden Gem

The great reviews this museum got in TravelAdvisor weren’t wrong but you really need to experience the place for full appreciation of this magical place. Pinto Art Museum is the BOMB!  If you haven’t gone there, picture this: galleries interconnected by gardens; lush vegetation; contemporary paintings and avant garde sculptures and art pieces that are nothing like I’ve seen before; and the whole place was built around rock formations you’d see them cropping out of the floor of the galleries in places. The place is so rich in art pieces, you probably need a whole day in order to fully experience the museum.

The food is great too! The chicken coq au vin served to me was beautifully arranged on my plate, it was great for display at the museum too!

So here are the snapshots of my tour around the museum. If you’re going there, you pay entrance fee of PhP 180 pesos..Ask for a guide too, seriously.  You will learn so much a if you ask your guide about them. Our guide was Andy and some of the paintings had more meaning when they were explained to me rather than reading each description. You gotta have time to go around it too, at least half the day because they are so many art pieces on display, you can’t cover the whole place in just one hour.


Entrance to Pinto Art Museum


Art Store at Pinto

the fabulous scientist
If selfie were to become illegal, this shall be my mugshot. 😀 If the previous photos don’t tell you how much I enjoyed going around Pinto, this selfie prolly will. Haha!

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