November and December 2020 Homeschooling Highlights of Ian and Nereus

Ian’s Science Highlights

Ian made a model of earth and it’s interior, he even made a moon model to go with it.

He also identified land and water forms on a geography book about Washington State, which was given to me by mom when she returned from US early this year.

He also studied about force using the Epic app and his My Pals science book.

Ian’s Art Projects

‘Coz nothing stirs the heart and mind like art.

Ian made an ancient sea during dinosaur age by sketching a scene with watercolor and adding different aquatic animal stickers. So it’s actually more of a science + art, like the model of earth he made using playdough.

Ian also painted snowman for Christmas card in watercolor using the tutorial from “Let’s Make Art” channel at Youtube.

We did another Christmas theme watercolor painting this time a buggy with gifts on its back.

Ian’s Sibika Highlights

He learned how to estimate the percentage of water versus land using grid system. He drew relatively similar sized squares over continents and islands and ocean on a world map and from there we counted the squares and did area estimates. He enjoyed this lesson very much!

Studied land forms and water forms for Sibika as well.
My two boys playing with their newly build elevator.

For music, we continued our piano lessons with Teacher Cel. I’m just proud that Ian composed two new pieces (see videos below). I had considered his piano compositions as his entry for quarterly exam in Music.

Ian composed a piano piece he called Dark Forest.

Nereus’ Homeschooling Highlights

Ian and Nereus took their quarterly exam on the last week of November. After the exam, we decided that we’d do minimal homeschooling activities this month as part of their Christmas break. The pandemic has been tough on both of them, being still minors and not allowed to go out of our compound. So I decided to cut them some slack this month and let them play, swim, and read books. They are also allowed to play on their table on a limited timer per day.

Nereus and Ian took their second quarterly exam on the last week of November.

Nereus continued studying his Christmas piano piece, Carol of the Bells.

They did a few writing exercises…

as well as practice pieces on the keyboard.

So there you have it. These are my kids’ homeschooling highlights for November and December. We still did academic stuff but I wanted to include only the fun activities they did for the two months in this article.

Thank you for reading this far. 🙂

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