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Hotel H2O Experience – A Review

A shorter version of this review was posted at TripAdvisor.

The whole family checked in at Hotel H2O last March 14 for staycation and also to celebrate birthday and graduation for Ian and Nereus, respectively. We stayed in one of their Aqua Classic room and my kids loved the aquarium, they almost refused to leave to tour around Manila Ocean Park. Bed was big enough for a family of four, we had a couch right beside the aquarium which expands the whole length of one wall. We were given complete bathroom kit; complementary cookies and coffee; and bedroom slippers for two. The floor was well-carpeted; the bathroom was tiled with marble and walled with thick glass. The steel fixtures in the bathroom is a plus for those who want to hang their clothes/wet swimsuits.

Customer service was okay; not all the staff were friendly but most of them were. There was a also a live band that night and some of the patrons were there at the lounge area. We didn’t stay long though because the kids were too tired.
We took a dip at their pool area in the morning, water was very cold but we enjoyed the water spouts that were geysering from the floor, my kids loved how the water tickled their tummies.

We got complimentary massage for two though I had to arrange room service which at first the spa refused to do because SOP was for the patrons to come to the spa for the massage. But they obliged me when I told them I can’t leave the kids in the room, alone. At least the spa manager was understanding.
The best part of the experience was the breakfast buffet at Makan Makan. I heard so many good reviews about it and it was nice that our stay there also came with complimentary breakfast buffet.

Overall it was a fantastic experience for us, especially for my kids. They got to understand and appreciate marine life, which is essentially the objective of our stay at Hotel H2O and Manila Ocean Park.

fabulous scientist
Hotel H2O’s Chandelier that look like water bubble

Here are some of the snap shots of our stay at Hotel H2O.

fabulous scientist
Two of the many marine fishes in our room’s aquarium.
fabulous scientist
Breakfast at Makan Makan Village.
fabulous scientist
The boys, getting settled in.
fabulous scientist
My kids really loved the aquarium!
fabulous scientist
Coffee fix with a slice of cheesecake at Hotel H2O’s cafe. The coffee were for hubby and me. Kids ate the cheesecake. 😀
fabulous scientist
Kids at the ground lobby of the hotel.
fabulous scientist
Hanging out at the lounge area.
fabulous scientist
View of Manila Bay from the lounge.
fabulous scientist
And because I love rocks, I just had to take a photo of this nice travertine tiles at the lobby.
fabulous scientist
Nice interior design where water is depicted.
fabulous scientist
“Mommy, let’s go to our room already, I’m zonked out.”

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