July 2020 Homeschooling Highlights

Hey, parents! How are you doing? Did you start your homeschooling lessons yet? I hope that despite the pandemic, things are a-okay with you and your family.

We started early with our homeschooling, as early as 3rd week of June, because the kids have been getting bored being stuck at home. Last summer, we were supposed to go places but as with everyone, all our plans had to be postponed.

In order to deal with the boredom, I had allowed my kids to use their phones and tablet to play games and watch videos on Youtube (with my guidance, of course). They also continued their piano lessons via online so they could have some artistic outlet. Lately we’ve also been gardening and painting using watercolor.

I am happily sharing the photo collages and video below for our homeschool provider’s reference for annual portfolio review next year. Take care, everyone! 🙂

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