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Travel Destinations in Northern Mindanao: Cagayan De Oro White Water Rafting, Camiguin Island Tour and Ziplining

I used to work as a government geologist in Mindanao. When my friends found out about it, they reached out to me to ask for the things they can do when they visit me. So one summer a long time ago, my friends and their colleagues flew to Cagayan De Oro and the rest was adventure-packed history.

Cagayan De Oro River White Water Rafting

When in Cagayan De Oro, you absolutely must try white water rafting and tubing. The upper section of Cagayan De Oro River along the boundaries between Bukidnon where its head water is and the city is defined by steep terrain hence, rapids are pretty normal along this part of the river and thus, perfect for adventurous rafting.

In some areas, the valley is lined with steep rock walls where there are water falls. Part of the tour is going underneath the waterfalls.

Dennis: “Yeah!”

We were gonna say hello to the camera guy but we didn’t see a huge boulder in front of us because of the angry white waves. We managed to lock our feet in time to keep us from falling off the raft.

Water fight is encouraged between rafts. No spoil sport allowed!

Goofing around is also allowed so long as you keep your tongue off the water splash.

“High five!” 🙂

With Ycel after rafting.

Camiguin Island

Your tour of northern Mindanao is never complete if you don’t visit Camiguin Island, the only island province and the smallest in Region 10. To get there, you’d need to take a barge from Balingoan Port. To get to Balingoan Port, you’d need to take a bus or van going to Gingoog City.

I may have looked like it but I swear, I wasn’t peeing here. Photo taken by Dennis underneath Sto. Nino Spring with his waterproof camera.

Katibawasan Falls

It’s the tallest waterfalls in Camiguin Island.
The water was cold but these city gals and guys didn’t mind. It was simply fun to dip in natural pools like this.
Group photos are a must when you’re swimming together of course!

White Island

The white island is an elongated stretch of sand that’s famous in Camiguin for those who like like sandy beaches. Majority of beach lines in Camiguin are dark and rocky to pebbly due primarily to the volcanic origin of the island. Camiguin Island has seven volcanoes one of which is active, which is Mt. Hibok-hibok.

Back then, the island bar had food shacks that sell barbecue, snacks, and drinks to tourists. I heard that these were no longer allowed so that means you’d need to bring your own food when you go there.

With Abel at White Island overlooking one of the volcanoes in Camiguin Island.

Look, I’m flying! Yipeeeee!

Vote for the best jump. I’d say me.

Definitely me! 😉
Mandatory groupie.

When you visit Camiguin Island and feeling artsy, you should visit Enigmata-Haven for the Artists. If I’m not mistaken, this is the only art museum on the island.

Beauties among the rocky worms.

This cuddly kitten walked up to me while I was oggling some of the sculptures in Enigmata.. Here kitty!

“Behind the beams, we smiled” with Dennis and his girlfriend (now wife) Jeans.

See me? I’m right in the middle among the vines, at a tree house at Enigmata.

Sunken Cemetery

This cross marks the spot where the cemetery used to be. The graves lie at the foot of this cross, underneath about 10 meters of sea water. The story was that in 1871, Mt. Vulcan, one of the seven volcanoes of the island erupted and the volcanic materials buried some of the towns around it including the public cemetery which is now under water. This famous spot was once site for a horror film in the 90’s.

Mermaid on a rock! “Up where they walk, up where they run, up where they stay up in the sun! .. Wish I could be part of your world!”:p

My favorite photo of me from the island.

Mantigue Island

On the way to Mantigue Island, we smiled… That sound like it came from a movie that I don’t remember.

Had to swim far to retrieve the life jackets.
Lunch at Mantigue Island. Let’s eat!

At Balingoan Port, mainland Mindanao, on our way back from Camiguin.

With Ycel and Abel.
Happy to have conquered Cagayan De Oro and Camiguin!

Finally, here’s a whole video blog of our trip created by Dennis. Enjoy!

Dennis made a video about our tour in Camiguin. Enjoy!

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