Work With Me

I do believe that having several skills, the grit, agility, and advocacy to improve one’s self constantly are essential in solving problems in this world where a lot of things seem to be changing rapidly. It’s probably that belief that led me to acquire skills that are not necessarily related to the profession I’ve practiced all my life. Friends do think I’m multi-potentialite. Well, maybe I am, so I’m taking that as a compliment.

I’ve always loved writing, hence, this blog. It’s one of those things that get me excited each day, to write and write even if these were mere doodles or short paragraphs that were not coherent, imperfect, and seemingly devoid of unifying theme. I have plenty of idea notebooks that I bring with me so I could jot down whatever topic, issue, or thoughts come to mind – on a daily basis. I even went as far as attending a training in creative writing last year because I felt that I needed some help with my writing technique.

It is mainly due to the love of creating content that I made this website so I could share about my thoughts, our family adventures, homeschooling activities, and pretty much anything under the sun. It’s also this passion for creating that pushed me to acquire another skill set during the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) which is social media management. It was a training that offered opportunity to combine my love for writing, doodles, colors (from my jewelry design days), social media, entrepreneurship and my niche which is science.

If I am to describe my current job in one sentence, it is this:

I help small businesses reach their target market without spending too much on advertisements.

I want to keep it simple – digital marketing takes some skills, resources, and lots of patience. A business start-up is often busy with developing products that branding is sometimes overlooked. Trust me, I get it. I am thus, offering my God-given talent to help out businesses that need social media presence to reach their target market.

Below is my portfolio as Social Media Manager:

If you need to know more about how I can help you boost your business, I invite you to visit my other WordPress website that I recently made as my business page:

Here are some of the video ads I made for some of my clients: