My Tutorials and Classes

Paint an ammonite fossil in full demo from sketching to painting with watercolors below:

Learn how to make your own chest rub for cough relief using the step-by-step demo below. With me is my son, Ian, to help me make the chest rubs and also because this is part of his homeschooling lesson. Enjoy!

Step-by-Step Tutorial on How To DIY Resin Floral Hair Clips

How to Upcycle Jar Caps into Door Magnets

Paint with Me: Studio Ghibli Cherry Blossom Tree by Makoto Shinkai

In this full demo video, my students got to watch my paint process for duplicating Makoto Shinkai’s digital art of a cherry blossom tree from the anime film, “5 Centimeters Per Second” by Studio Ghibli.

For those who missed my Facebook live classes, the demo videos have been uploaded into our family’s YouTube channel. Here are some of them:

In this demo video, I showed my students my painting process for ocean, my favorite subject. I have an exciting announcement towards the end of the video as well.
Painting demo for cactus from model as well as loose style painting from imagination.
Let’s paint tulips and turn them into bookmarks!
essential oil diffuser jewelry

Learn how to assemble essential oil diffuser jewelry set using the full demo video below:

my son and our hydroponic lettuce
Hydroponically grown lettuce ready for harvest.

Learn how to grow vegetables indoors in the tutorial below:

Interested in indoor gardening? I was able to successfully grow vegetables inside our condo unit using Kratky Hydroponics technique. I have recently uploaded this tutorial video on Kratky Hydroponics at YouTube:

Part 1 of a two-part series on Kratky Hydroponics.
I painted donuts in watercolor
My watercolor donuts. 🙂

Upcycling and Recycling Idea for Artists: How to Convert Makeup Palette into Travel Size Watercolor Palette

Essential Oils 101

I regularly conduct Essential Oils 101 for those interested to know about essential oils and their health benefits. Please check this site once in a while for schedule.

Live Painting Session

This event is coming soon. Watch me paint live on Youtube. Please wait for further announcements on this.