About Grass

Hi! My name is Grass and I’m a Geologist at your service. Beside me is a four-decade old petrographic microscope I’ve used for analyzing thousands of rocks in thin sections – most of them volcanic rocks obtained from 3 kilometers below earth’s surface.

Here are things about me:

I love singing.

This is me as Cosette.

And this is me as Susan in the play, Tick! Tick! Boom!

I love acting and making funny videos, most of them were not shared on social media. If someone were to snag my phone, I’m totally screwed.

I love creating with my hands as stress buster. You can visit some of my works here.

Science is, and always will be, my favorite subject, that’s why I took Geology in college. Although not technically a geologist, Albert Einstein is my favorite scientist. Teaching science has become a personal advocacy hence, I offer all my online lessons here free. My Geology Tours was born out of this love for teaching science especially to fellow homeschooling families.

I’m also into aromatherapy. Three years ago I founded my team, Oilista Manila, along with fellow geologists and moms. The support team is dedicated to teaching about essential oils through our free classes and our Instagram and Facebook page. Do follow these social media accounts for class announcements. 🙂

Lately, I have also been dabbling in art, specifically, watercolor. I am currently learning how to paint portraits and figures and the classes have been fun so far.

I hope that you will learn a lot from reading this blog. I also hope to inspire by my ideas posted on here to embrace natural wellness, as well as, be stewards of Mother Nature. She deserves our love and care.

Finally, these two are the very reason why every day is a miracle. I love them both so much.


Welcome to my blog!



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