Surviving Natural Disasters Class

If you have noticed that I have not been writing here a lot, I do apologize. The past months have been pretty hectic for me what with my social media management work, homeschooling, as well as my side hustles. But here’s some good news! I’m conducting a class about how to prepare for natural disasters real soon. I haven’t pegged the exact date that I will doing the class because I’m still working on my deck but I hope to conduct it before month end. I will conduct the class under my Young Living team, Oilista Manila, but I have decided to open the class for everyone. Those who attended my Geology Tours would know that teaching about natural hazards is a personal advocacy.

In the class, my objectives are to teach my students how to prepare for natural disasters such as flood, earthquake, landslide, and volcanic eruption – the top four geologic hazards that our country is prone to. I will also describe the contents of my Go Bags, my top essential oils to bring to help with managing emotions and minor ailments, as well as the basic science behind natural disaster. If the class is something that you might be interested in, keep coming back to this blog for the Zoom link or send me an e-mail at so I could send you the link.

So here are my first five decks to serve as sneak peak to my class:

Hope to see you there, folks!

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